Online shopping experience:

Anytime I feel sad or ill shopping for make up makes me feel better. Some people eat ice cream, have sex or even punch a wall. I personally prefer to buy make up. So I was thinking of a beauty online store that could meet my need and I ran into beautykink on instagram, I went to their website and I fell in love with everything I saw.

I placed my order for a L.A girl glazed lip paint in coy, Tara precision brow pen in brown, NYX jumbo pencil in milk, maybelline collosal roll up kajal in black and e.l.f eyeshadow blending brush on Wednesday, 8th of October 2014 around 11:45 am and made payment at the bank 2 hours later. I sent a mail to confirm payment and they replied me later in the evening.

Magically, the order was delivered on thursday, 9th of October, 2014 around 4:30 pm. I was wowed by their fast service delivery. The order came in a little cute branded nylon. Everything was in a transparent sealed nylon bag. I checked to confirm if everything was intact before signing(please always check before signing ).

L.A girl glazed lip paint in coy is so pretty. I AM IN LOVE. its not a lipstick but it comes out so well. It comes in different shades, I decided to go with the purplish one named coy because it reminds me of mac heroine that I choose not to afford *sigh*. It goes for N1,000.

Tara precision brow pen in brow; I thought this was going to be a pen eye liner in black but I got a brow liner. I don't know how to use it yet but I would figure it out soon. It goes for about N1,200.
NYX jumbo pencil in milk; I fell in love with this pencil while watching that igbo chick's videos on YouTube. She uses it as an eye shadow primer, and it makes colour pop. I like it as a lower eye liner, it widens my tiny eyes and I coat it with a little black liner. It goes for N1,400.
Maybelline colossal roll up kajal in black; I love anything Maybelline, this kajal is absolutely smudge free and it creates bold lines.My eyeliner finished so I needed a new one. It goes for N1,000.

And lastly, e.l.f eyeshadow blending brush. I was in need of a fluffy blending brush, the one that came in my sleek brush set isn't fluffy and it leaves harsh lines. I decided to go with an e.l.f brush because of its endless positive reviews from online users. it goes for N700.

So that is all, If you are looking to buy make up products online, you can totally buy from The only thing that i didn't like was the cash envoy payment portal, it took forever to load and it didn't work. I had to deposit the money in the bank.That aside,their service is impeccable, the website is vibrant and it is legit. I would definitely keep patronizing them.

With love,
Bibi l'amour.