Why we may need a young adult church

Why we may need a young adult church

Children from Christian homes are taught by their parents to pray and read the bible. They take them to the church which becomes a major part of the children's lives. It improves their social skills by exposing them to their first set of friends and helps them to grow in the love of Christ. The older they get, they naturally have questions, thoughts, and doubts about so many things but they often learn quickly that those questions can not be addressed in the church. Things like secular music, sex, alcohol, and so on are an unspoken taboo in the church setting. Even when they are discussed these issues are condemned without offering a deeper explanation as to why it's sinful. Because these topics of discussion are at the centre of their reality (all their friends are talking about it), they end up finding the answers from ungodly sources found on the internet or unbelievers. Sadly, this has been the experience of youths and young adults in the church today.

Getting answers from ungodly sources pulls young adults from God and they end up growing into "proper Christians" who have perfected the act of serving God to please church members whilst neglecting to a personal relationship with Jesus. Most times, the church as a whole devotes less than 20% of its activities to cater to the spiritual needs of the young adult. This means about 42 out of 52 Sundays are used for issues that have nothing to do with the situation of the youth.

This is a big problem for the church. The next generation is getting watered only 10 Sundays or less in a year. How will they grow spiritually? How will they be ready to lead the church?  How will they learn about the unimaginable love of God when they are going through a lot in life? There are many questions as to what will happen if the spiritual need of the youth is not well taken care of.

This is where fellowship comes in. It is important for the young adults to fellowship together under the guidance of a seasoned Christian who close to their age. A fellowship meeting perhaps once a week and the ability to follow up via chat rooms can help young adults:

  • Ask those questions they believe are taboo for church and break it into the smallest detail until biblical answers are reached
  • Meet with people like them going through the same thing in life in order to rub minds together in a Godly manner
  • Grow spiritually under the guidance of a seasoned Christian
  • Be themselves unapologetically
  • Focus more on their lives in Christ and less on the things like dressing "churchy"
If young adults don't get the above benefits from their parent's church they either become desensitized to the things of God or start to search for a church that can meet their spiritual needs.

As a Christian young adult, it is okay to leave your parents church if you feel like you are dying and suffocating spiritually. A personal relationship with Christ should not be about loyalty to a church you were raised in. If you talk to your parents you will learn that they are more concerned about your spiritual growth and salvation than your mere presence at the church.

There are fellowships and churches that are youth-focused, bible believing and holy ghost filled. A room where everyone is around your age and are unapologetic about Jesus, not ashamed of Jesus and worship Jesus like they are absolutely nothing without him. A place where young adults are being raised for the kingdom.

Alternatively, you can work with your church leadership to create an atmosphere that is inclusive of the youth and young adults. A fellowship where they can be equipped to live a life that is pleasing and acceptable to God.

To conclude, stop living a life of spiritual decay and work towards growing spiritually. If your current space is not feeding the thirst and hunger that you have for God, work towards fixing that either by speaking to the church leadership or finding a fellowship that can help you get to where God wants you to be.

"Instead, we will speak the truth in love, growing in every way more and more like Christ, who is the head of his body, the church." - Ephesians 4:15

With love,