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Brunch in the city of Abuja

My beautiful self in the cafe I missed the taste of fluffy pancakes, perfectly made waffles, sweet syrup and scrambled eggs. That was the obvious sign that I needed some brunching done. Since I'm still learning about places to satisfy my cravings, I was stoked to know my friend Bella knew just the right place to get our brunch on. So we went to The Charcoal Grill , they serve inter-continental, seafood, vegetarian and off the grill options. It has 3 seating areas for guests, the dining area (suitable for large groups), the cafe area and the terrace. We chose to sit at the terrace just cause it was a nice day. Avoid sitting close to the rails when it's sunny because the sun hits those tables the most. The rest of the area is pretty much shaded and there are fans to keep you cool on a hot Abuja day. I love brunch with friends because nothing beats a great venue, waffles and a great conversation in broad daylight, especially in the summer (I know we don't have summe

Places to eat in Abuja, Nigeria (food pictures)

So I have been living in Abuja, Nigeria for about 5 months now and I believe I am still settling down and trying to find my bearing in this cool city. If you know me, you know I love food. I mean, who doesn't?  Abuja is such an interesting city but its no way as fun as Lagos if you know you know. It has its perks over Lagos and no one should attempt arguing. They equally have their strengths and weaknesses.  Anyways, by the title of this blog, you know what I am about to talk about. Yes, places to eat in Abuja. I am still exploring and I believe I will have an updated post on additional places I have eaten at. For now, here are the places I have eaten in Abuja and what I ordered. I will try to sneak in a review of the service and my other thoughts. It's unacceptable to say you have a boring life in this city, this list is a good starting point of places to go eat in Abuja. The price range of each meal here is from 1500 to 4000 naira. I try to highlight places that are

How to join team #fitfam in Nigeria

Have you skipped eating everything that gives you pleasure (Ice cream, chocolate, pizza and cookies) just to lose weight but it seems like it isn't working? I feel the pain and the struggle, that used to be me. If you know me personally, you know I used to be bigger than I am now and it was really annoying. The comments from church and extended family member saying "Bibi, take it easy you will soon burst" or "you are getting fatter and fatter" or "have you tried using slim tea"😑😑. I always mumble under my breathe "thank you I have a mirror at home" or "can you just mind your business", sometimes I just walk away. I was frustrated and the negative comments were not helpful at all. I know the struggle and I have been able to work hard to shed some weight off. Here are some tips that helped me lose 15 kg (35 pounds) recently: Meal prep I understand that it is almost impossible to eat out and stay healthy or lose weigh