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How to be grateful at the end of the year

How to be grateful at the end of the year by Toyosi Adegunle  Bless the Lord, O my soul, And forget not all His benefits: -Psalms 103:2 NKJV Whenever I read this scripture, I have a theory that if there wasn't the tendency to forget, this scripture would probably be a part of the Bible. If David didn't think Humans could easily forget things - good or bad, in this case, especially good things, he would not mention in.  "Bless the Lord oh my soul" is a line in the book of Psalms that was used countless times and it just goes to tell us how important Gratitude is to our lives and relationship with God. Growing up, I heard this song from all corners and heard people say you can't buy anything for God, you can't give him money, you can't give him food also, but the only thing he wants from you is gratitude. I had a couple of issues with some parts of the song though, but again, gratitude is key.  Don't you love it when you do things for people and they are

Story time, When I blocked my husband (Video)

Storytime, When I blocked my husband As requested, on Twitter, the story time of when I blocked my husband.  When I did research on all the storytimes connected to blocking your husband on youtube, it was all negative stories about infidelity and divorce. I'm glad this is a positive story. Don't worry, it's not just gist. I also spoke about the gospel, the importance of partnering with the Holy Spirit when it comes to your marital decision and vulnerability advice. Please like and comment on the video in YouTube, -Bibi 

Christian Content Creators to follow

Christian Content Creators to follow  by Toyosi Adegunle Hey, fam! Time to switch up your socials a little bit. You know how we write a lot about what you consume and choose to watch, listen to or read, and how much these things impact your overall lifestyle as a believer.  Over the next few weeks in October, we will be sharing local and foreign Christain content creators you can follow and enjoy wholesome, enjoyable, edifying content from.  Before we get started, it is imperative to prepare your heart and help you understand the need to follow and engage wholesome and edifying content. Here are links to previous posts that highlight one or two things about what you read, watch and listen to.  1. How to guard your heart on social media - 2. How to improve your Spiritual health (3) - 3. Is living godly outdated? -

When and how to take a social media fast (video)

How to take a social media fast Hi Family, In this video, I share how and when to take a social media fast.  There are certain things you'd observe in life that leads you to fast from social media, you may have observed them but ignored them. I shared some of these things and I hope it inspires you. The how of social media is equally important so you don't break your fast prematurely.  As young Christians, we must be aware of all the distractions that try to stop us from spending time in fellowship with God. Be intentional about doing a social media fast often. Check out the video and let me know your thoughts.