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5 things I learnt from hosting a women's conference (BRCC with Bibi)

5 Things I learnt from convening a women's conference (BRCC with Bibi) Hello, I know it has been a while since you've heard from me. Between planning the second edition of the Beautifully Rooted in Christ conference and executing it to the glory of God, I was unable to deliver content as I usually would. Also, my writer (Toyosi) was away for a while so that explains our 2 weeks silence. I'm happy to say we're both back and ready to serve you the content you love, I hope you are ready for us. Today, I am led to share a few things I learned from this amazing women's event and I hope it will bless you richly. The term Women's conference is different for our generation When I was younger, I dreaded going to women's conferences. It was often full of admonishment for women to get married, take care of their husbands and their children. To me, it was a waste of time at that age. As a teenager, a man and children were the least of my concern. Am I saying events that

Prayers for women 2022

Prayers for women (Wives, Mothers, and friends)2022 The month of March dedicates a lot of things to women. For starters, it is women's History Month and March 8 is International Day of the Woman. As a woman, life can be difficult and hard as a result of misogynistic ideals in society, but we prevail in the place of prayers If you are a woman or a man who has a wife, mother, daughter or female friend that you care about, here are some prayers you can say over them. You can also pray it over yourself.  10 prayers for women I thank you, Lord, for _____ (woman's name). I thank you that you have blessed me with her. I thank you because I'm so glad that I know her.  I pray for _____ (woman's name), I pray that she stands perfect and complete in all your will for her. I pray that she continues to be led by you in every aspect of her life. I pray that she has clarity on the next phase of her life. I pray that she is led by you to the right relationships, the right career, right