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Smart money woman; personal finance tips

Smart money woman; personal finance tips The Smart Money woman series was really interesting, you should check it out on Netflix . After watching it, I got inspired to share these 5 personal finance tips. When it comes to money many people are going with the flow. But it requires intentionality, we must steward everything God has blessed us with.  I covered giving cheerfully but prudently, retirement funds, and many more.  I don't know all things personal finance but I believe that I am a smart money woman. I hope this helps you in your journey to financial freedom.  Proverbs 13.22a A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children,  With love, Bibi 

How to be Content and Grateful

How to be Content and Grateful by Toyosi Adegunle Hey, fam! I hope you have had it good so far. I hope you're walking in love, power, strength and faith in Jesus.  A few days ago, I resumed work earlier than I should have, as usual, because the people of Lagos and traffic in Lagos are in constant battle and this time, I won. I hope I continually win 😩 I met my colleague and we had a conversation about gratitude and contentment. It was a short one, yet it served as a good reminder for us both. Lately, I think about the numerous things I still want to do, work on, and have in life and I realize that my desires are not going to end anytime soon. I have concluded that this is how life works and this is how humans are wired - to want and desire things every time. Maybe it's why the scripture says "Bless the Lord, O my soul; And all that is within me, bless His holy name"Psalms 103:1 (NKJV).  This scripture feels like a reminder for the soul of man because we are quick to

Montreal girls trip day 2| We almost drowned

Montreal girls trip day 2| We almost drowned Here is episode 2 of our time in Montreal, Quebec. The title is a bit dramatic but it is what is. It was such a hot day and we're so thankful for the gift of sunscreen. Girl's trips are super important for young women, I can't overemphasize this.  Is it too soon to say "take me back"? Check it out. With love, Bibi 

Does God allow evil to happen to us?

Does God allow evil to happen to us? by Bibi Babatunde-Ikotun Hi family, in today's post I may not give full answers but I ask some questions that will require you to think critically about your faith and hopefully go into a journey of deconstructing and reconstructing your beliefs about God. We say God is good all the time.  We say God is love. We say God does not change. We say God is light. Do we really believe these things about God? I ask because sometimes we say things like God caused me to have an accident so I can draw closer to him or God allowed my loved one to die so I can be pruned or God allowed calamity to before me so I can find my purpose. Why would a good God cause you pain to bring you closer to Him? Why would the almighty God who doesn't impose the most important thing (salvation) on us cause us to suffer in order to draw us close to him? My keyword is CAUSE ! Let's look at some scriptures that will help us think critically on this topic: James 1:17 (NKJV

Montreal girls trip day 1| Vlog series

Montreal girls trip day 1| Vlog series If you follow me on social media, you must have seen that I went on a girl's trip to Montreal, Quebec. Oh my gosh, it was nothing but a blissful experience. I'm so thankful for the gift of amazing women that I have in my circle, super awesome. And you know that saying "women are their worst enemies"? it's nothing but a lie from the pit of hell. If you're reading this and you desire an awesome circle of female friends, I pray that you find one soon. A circle where you're completely free to be yourself and live unapologetically. We spent 3 days in this city, so expect 2 more episodes from me over the next week. I hope you enjoy it and live vicariously through our experiences. With love, Bibi

How to handle persecution as a christian

How to handle persecution as a Christian  by Bibi Babatunde-Ikotun Many times when we think of persecution, we often think of being locked up in jail or being physically assaulted or killed. Don't get me wrong, these types of persecution are the worse types. But there are so many ways you and I face persecution and we don't even know it. A popular form of persecution in our time is being ostracized by people such as coworkers, neighbours and friends because of your faith. When you say no to ungodly things you're teased, mocked or insulted, that's persecution. Another common one is social media ridicule when you state biblical truths and preach the gospel. Let me share one of my Twitter experiences with you. I remember a while back, I had tweeted about how unbelief is the only sin that can lead a person to hell in response to a tweet that threatened blood-washed believers with hell. If you know me, that won't pass on my watch. A lot of people came for me and it was a


BTS OF MY BIRTHDAY PHOTOSHOOT #VLOG. Hi lovely people, Words can't begin to explain how thankful I am for the outpouring of love I received on my birthday. I truly appreciate your birthday messages and prayers, may God continue to bless and honour you. So I received a lot of love for my birthday photos and they were so beautiful courtesy of Mimi Shot It .  Thankfully, I blogged the Behind The Scenes of my photoshoot and I think you'll enjoy watching how these fire pictures were created. With love, Bibi

10 scriptures that show Jesus is God

10 scriptures that show Jesus is God by Bibi Babatunde-Ikotun Hi Family, how are you doing? I trust that you're reading this in high spirits because Jesus loves you no matter the situation you're going through. Today's conversation is straight to the point because it is very important for believers to understand that Jesus Christ is God. Denying the deity of Christ has so many implications but we're thankful for scriptures that show us the truth. This is important because it enforces the notion that God loves us so dearly that He became man to save us and disrupts the nation of Christians and Muslims serving the same God as well as the notion of Jesus being the kinder version of God. If the God the Muslim serves can't be referred to as Jesus then it isn't the same God.  For the Christian, Jesus Christ is our God. One of the reasons why He came was to set the record straight about who God is and reveal Himself to us clearly. Many things were attributed to God in