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How to Improve your Spiritual health(Part 4) - Local assembly

How to Improve your Spiritual health- Local assembly by Toyosi Adegunle and Bibi Babatunde-Ikotun So we've finally come to the end of the spiritual health series and we hope you've learnt a lot. The last but not the least of the five pillars is your LOCAL ASSEMBLY also known as your local church. I’ve heard many people try to justify not being a part of a local church, and what they mostly tell you is, “as long as I study the Word, pray and commune with God, I’m okay”. Well, yes, there’s nothing wrong in doing this, I mean, during the COVID lockdown, we were all home, fellowshipping. Many other countries are still unable to gather physically as a local church but they are making it work. When you think of LOCAL ASSEMBLY, it’s not just about being a church member of a physical church (yes, it is too) but it is mostly about: Being a part of a family Being intentional about fellowshipping with brethren Being submitted to the leadership Being a disciple Regardless of the pandemic,

How to Improve your Spiritual health(Part 3)

How to Improve your Spiritual health(Part 3) by Toyosi Adegunle The Holy Bible tells us to guard our hearts with all diligence, for out of it comes all issues of life - Proverbs 4:23. I perceive ‘diligence’ here to mean discipline, consciousness, intentionality, being proactive, and all other words you can think of that perfectly describes ‘diligence’.  In no order of importance, Prayer, Word and Friends are the first 3 pillars of spiritual growth that we treated in the last 3-4 weeks. Another major pillar is CONTENT. ● What are you watching? ● What do you listen to? ● What do you consume on social media? ● Who or what do you engage on social media? ● What trend do you jump on every now and then? ● What do you read?  Think about your content consumption pattern and answer these questions. You could write them in your journal, so you can properly analyze them and let the Holy Spirit guide you on what to drop ASAP. Regardless of how strong you think you are, the truth is you

My covid vaccine experience in canada moderna side effects (vlog)

My covid vaccine experience in Canada and the Moderna side effects on me(vlog) Hi family, So your girl has gotten the vaccine (first dose) which is popularly known as 5g in the streets, lol. We are people of faith, vaccines should no incite any form of fear in us. Check out my experience and let me know what you think. With love, Vaxxed up Bibi

Should I pay my tithe

Should I pay my tithe? Many people ask me should I pay my tithe especially since we're under grace and not the law? In this video, I shared my answers to the "should I pay my tithe" question that is in the hearts of many wonderful believers.  Paying your tithe is amazing, our response should be #Welovetotithe.  Tithing has nothing to do with salvation, it is good works spurred out of the fact that we are eternally saved.  2 Corinthians 9:7 (AMP) Let each one give [thoughtfully and with purpose] just as he has decided in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver [and delights in the one whose heart is in his gift]. Check it out. With love, Bibi

How to Improve your Spiritual health(Part 2)

How to Improve your Spiritual health(Part 2) by Toyosi Adegunle   My hands have itched to quickly share this with you, you have no idea. 😩  Okay! I'm here already. I hope your week has been all that you planned and more. We are currently on the second part of a series on how to improve your spiritual growth. Remember, growth is an important aspect of your life as a believer. The overall goal is that we grow to become who God wants us to be. Here is part 1: How to Improve your Spiritual health (Part 1) As promised, here is another pillar to improving your spiritual health. People/Community   We have a blogpost here on friendship where we emphasized the need to be intentional about the people that surround you. Humans are mostly influenced by people they love and respect. I bet you know this already because you may have noticed at some point in your walk with someone that you start to imitate their attitude or pattern of doing something. It is important to be friends with people

How to improve my relationship with God

How to improve my relationship with God Hi everyone, it's good to have you here. In today's video, I share a few tips on how to improve your relationship with God. They are very simple and practical, nothing out of this world. I hope you love it and I hope it helps you develop that intimacy with God that you desire.  Don't forget to hit the like and subscribe button, that helps me a lot. Please, share with your friends, family and loved ones.  With love, Bibi Babatunde-Ikotun

How to Improve your Spiritual health(Part 1)

 How to Improve your Spiritual health(Part 1) by Toyosi Adegunle I like to think of growth as a necessity and the foundation of efforts on anything. The reason you invest so much time and energy in anything is that you want to grow. As believers, growth is a very important element on our journey with Christ. It is the will of God that you develop your spiritual stamina beautifully being the best version of yourself - being like Christ.  5 Pillars of spiritual growth The word of God Your Bible is and should be your best friend. This is because it is one of the major ways to grow in the knowledge of God and the truth. The Bible has answers to questions, provides wisdom, knowledge and also serves as a template for your journey as a believer. It is important to learn how to consistently study the Bible and meditate on it regardless of the form you choose to use - Hardcopy or Bible Apps - the most important thing is that you are studying, consistently with the right motive. Your motive for

Is christianity about being a good person?

Is Christianity about being a good person? by Bibi Babatunde-Ikotun Is Christianity about being a good person? Is it a religion based on moralistic teachings focused on only doing good things to earn God's favour? Here's the truth works-based Christianity focuses on people working to earn favours with God. It's about how well you serve God, how much charity you do, how well you pay tithe and much more work. The only thing this kind of gospel does is make you think you're good but you're not based on God's standards. It makes you think that God owes you whereas, God owes nobody! Romans 3:20  Therefore no one will be declared righteous in God’s sight by the works of the law; rather, through the law we become conscious of our sin Here is the gist, only God is good. He is the one who has the standard of being good. By His standards, we are not good. We can't measure up to God's standard of being good on our own works. You don't take the law and try to ke