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The key to understanding the Bible

The key to understanding the Bible by Toyosi Adegunle Hi! Super glad to have you read from us again, we sincerely hope that you do as much as you read.  A lot of times, we consume a lot of content that we don't really understand and we find it hard to do or follow through. As an undergraduate, a couple of years back, I attended a one-week spiritual conference with my friends from school, very awesome meeting with great men of God, I was excited to be there. During the sermon, I wrote a lot, 70% of which I didn't really understand but I wrote them down nonetheless. At different times during the sermon, I hear young people like me nodding or making sounds in agreement to the Preacher such as 'yes sir!' 'Preach sir'. I thought something was wrong with me (lol), I wanted to understand by fire by force so much that I went back to my notepad a million and one times, and I still didn't get it, so I couldn't do or live by whatever I heard and listened to at this

Is God really good?

Is God really good? by Bibi Babatunde-Ikotun Hi everyone, welcome back to, I'm so glad you clicked this link. Your being here makes me feel really good especially because we're approaching two years of weekly content. Can you believe it? Wow, God is wonderful!  So we all know the saying that almost every Christian knows: Call : God is good Response : All the time Call : All the time Response : God is good I want to probe you a bit about the goodness of God. Do you genuinely believe God is good? I want to you remove the thoughts of your answered prayers, blessings, salvation and the likes. Ask yourself, "Do I really believe God is good?" I ask this because there are many things we say in the faith that we necessarily don't believe. For example, we may believe that we've been justified but still think it will cost us something to be eternally saved.  When we call Him the "unchangeable God", do we really believe that He is unchangin

What to do when waiting on God

What to do when waiting on God by Toyosi Adegunle Hi you, welcome back to, your plug for all things faith and lifestyle. I'm hopeful today's post will encourage you as you wait on God. In summary, keep declaring, don't complain. Quick story: At a particular period, I started studying the Bible from Genesis because I just wanted to understand it perfectly and I thought to build the foundation by starting over again. I got to the part where Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt and the journey to the promised land and I couldn't help but actually pity Moses. I was angry on his behalf too, because half the time, all the Israelites did was complain, nag and pester Moses. I felt that was too much on a single man who has literally given everything up just to focus on helping them to the promised land. Although Moses was basically fulfilling purpose, the Israelites were just a hard nut to crack then.  Just imagine how I feel reading this story - most times

Why should I be sanctified as a Christian?

Why should I be sanctified as a Christian? by Bibi Babatunde-Ikotun Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog. I pray that this second half of the year is greater than the last 6 months. I pray that all your expectations become manifestations and your mouth be full of songs of praise and thanksgiving. I am rooting for you! I look forward to hearing great news from you!  So by the topic, you already know what I'm going to be talking about. Funny story, a young lady reached out to me via twitter a while back with some important questions about grace. She said she loved as I always talked about the realities of a believer in Christ, and wanted to hear my opinion about what a brother had told her. Apparently, the brother told her that because we've become the righteousness of God in Christ every action becomes a righteous one. He went on to say when a believer fornicates, it becomes an act of righteousness. I was so angry in my spirit, how can someone bastardize the grace of God like th

How to overcome the fear of marriage (christian edition)

How to overcome the fear of marriage by Toyosi Adegunle  Edited by Bibi Babatunde-Ikotun As a young girl that grew up seeing wrong and scary things about love, relationship, and marriage, I became scared of wanting to even be with anyone or even embrace the idea of marriage at all. I watched lots of movies, heard a lot of real-life stories and even saw some of them play out by people close to me. This made me cancel the idea of marriage in my subconscious for the longest time. The thing that surprises me till today is that in spite of my thick fears, I had a little blink of hope and positivity that If I will ever consider getting married, then, it would be an extension of heaven on earth.  In very recent times, there have been obvious alterations in relationships and marriages, and people divorce or break up over the most mundane and outrageous things - lack of communication, infidelity, domestic violence, finance, trust, and so many others. As believers, we need to think differently b