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A different Kind of love

A different Kind of love By Thelma Ehigiamusoe There’s a kind of love nobody knows.  It is uncommon to the human mind.  This kind of love is not self-serving or preserving.  It is utterly selfless. It puts the next person's needs above yours.  It is not a love we know without help.  It is a love God knows and shows.  What Kind of love is this? He showed this love when He gave His life for the human race (John3.16). He reconciled us to Himself through His death and resurrection (Colossians 1:20). He ensured we do not need to ‘work’ towards our salvation or prove ourselves to Him to be in His ‘good grace’(Ephesians 2:8-9). He made forgiveness available even before we knew to obey Him (Romans 4:8). He loved us first (1 John 4.19). A love so perfect casts out shame, guilt, fear, condemnation, doubts, and pain(1 John 4.18). This love, He passed on to His children through His Spirit. It is through this kind of love we realize that self-preservation is self-destruction and decay. Since we

How to Improve your Spiritual health(Part 4) - Local assembly

How to Improve your Spiritual health- Local assembly by Toyosi Adegunle and Bibi Babatunde-Ikotun So we've finally come to the end of the spiritual health series and we hope you've learnt a lot. The last but not the least of the five pillars is your LOCAL ASSEMBLY also known as your local church. I’ve heard many people try to justify not being a part of a local church, and what they mostly tell you is, “as long as I study the Word, pray and commune with God, I’m okay”. Well, yes, there’s nothing wrong in doing this, I mean, during the COVID lockdown, we were all home, fellowshipping. Many other countries are still unable to gather physically as a local church but they are making it work. When you think of LOCAL ASSEMBLY, it’s not just about being a church member of a physical church (yes, it is too) but it is mostly about: Being a part of a family Being intentional about fellowshipping with brethren Being submitted to the leadership Being a disciple Regardless of the pandemic,

How to Improve your Spiritual health(Part 3)

How to Improve your Spiritual health(Part 3) by Toyosi Adegunle The Holy Bible tells us to guard our hearts with all diligence, for out of it comes all issues of life - Proverbs 4:23. I perceive ‘diligence’ here to mean discipline, consciousness, intentionality, being proactive, and all other words you can think of that perfectly describes ‘diligence’.  In no order of importance, Prayer, Word and Friends are the first 3 pillars of spiritual growth that we treated in the last 3-4 weeks. Another major pillar is CONTENT. ● What are you watching? ● What do you listen to? ● What do you consume on social media? ● Who or what do you engage on social media? ● What trend do you jump on every now and then? ● What do you read?  Think about your content consumption pattern and answer these questions. You could write them in your journal, so you can properly analyze them and let the Holy Spirit guide you on what to drop ASAP. Regardless of how strong you think you are, the truth is you

My covid vaccine experience in canada moderna side effects (vlog)

My covid vaccine experience in Canada and the Moderna side effects on me(vlog) Hi family, So your girl has gotten the vaccine (first dose) which is popularly known as 5g in the streets, lol. We are people of faith, vaccines should no incite any form of fear in us. Check out my experience and let me know what you think. With love, Vaxxed up Bibi