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Breaking Free: Finding Self-Worth Beyond a Married Man

Loving someone who is committed to another can be an emotionally difficult journey, and as Christians, we honor the sanctity of marriage. In this episode of Ask Aunty Bibi, we discover the strength to let go, find hope, and embrace a renewed sense of purpose through our faith in God's plan for our lives. Whether you are currently navigating unrequited love with someone else's spouse or have experienced it in the past, we hope this video brings comfort, hope, and a renewed sense of purpose as we seek to embrace God's plan for our lives. 🙏 Join the conversation in the comments below, and remember, you are never alone in your journey. Let's be friends on social media; Twitter:​ Instagram:​ Tiktok: Facebook: Website: #AskAuntyBibi #ChristianPerspective #MovingForwardInFaith