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Christians and cancel culture!

Christians and cancel culture! by Bibi Babtunde-Ikotun and Toyosi Adegunle Hi everyone, welcome back to this amazing faith and lifestyle blog. I'm sure you've been blessed by the posts here hence your return to read what has been published. You're welcome, you're valued and you're loved. Thank you for coming back and welcome if this is your first time, you'd love it here! "She is cancelled!" "He is cancelled!" "That company is cancelled!" Well done canceller general of the federation of social media. Let me start by asking you, who gave you the power to cancel people? When were you sworn into the office of cancelling people? Even you acting like you've never cancelled anyone before, I'm talking to you. The fact that you've never cancelled someone verbally or on social media doesn't absolve you if you've cancelled them in your heart. Imagine a giant X mark on someone simply because they did something wrong or mayb

How to overcome jealousy as a Christian

How to overcome jealousy as a Christian by Bibi Babatunde-Ikotun Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog. I hope you're doing well, I really hope so. Anyways this topic was inspired by a conversation with some of my friends and I felt a bit off. I personally admitted that I sometimes catch myself having jealous feelings and I really wished more people would have validated this feeling of mine than making me feel like the devil reincarnate, I'm just kidding. But you get the gist, my unvalidated feelings. If you're here and you find yourself feeling some sort of jealousy occasionally, I validate you. Jealousy is a normal "human" emotion but what is done with that feeling is what matters the most. If you're also reading this and can't relate, that's completely okay! I celebrate you because you've hacked something many people in the world still deal with! I'm proud of you!  If you ever catch yourself feeling jealous, maybe because a friend is rubbing

Benefits of having the Holy Spirit

Benefits of having the Holy Spirit By Oluwatoyosi Adegunle and Bibi Babatunde-ikotun Growing up, whenever I got inspiration from an external source that evokes spiritual actions in me, I called it ‘Something” – something told me to take another route, to not eat till 5 pm, to not speak to this particular person, to not be at a certain gathering.  For the most part, I have confused the Holy Spirit for intuition, and that’s how best I could explain what it was then. I think my confusion and misconceptions were valid because I was not a believer, although I attend church very frequently. I grew up in churches where it seemed only the Pastor had access to God, people would drop 2-3 names of prospective partners and ask Pastors to help them ask God for who to choose, where to live, when to travel, basically everything, and that seemed like the norm to me. I don’t mean you can’t consult your Pastors for things that matter to you, it’s your choice. Until I became super conscious of salvation

Let's talk; Sexual assault and racial injustice (prayers included)

Let's talk; Sexual assault and racial injustice (prayers included) by Bibi Babtunde-Ikotun Hi everyone, I hope we're doing well. I know this has been one of the most intense weeks in this decade. With everything going on in the world, it's okay to feel overwhelmed. I mean from racial injustice issues coming up from the United States and Canada (#JusticeforGeorgeFloyd and #JusticeforRegis) to sexual assault and rape issues in Nigeria (#JusticeforTina, #JusticeforUwa #JusticeforJennifer) it's overwhelming!  Today, we're going to be praying for healing for everyone that has experienced sexual assault and racial injustice. In times like this, we have to focus on Christ! There's nothing wrong with engaging in peaceful protests and advocacy but we must understand that life is extremely spiritual. Man is a Spirit that has a soul and lives in a body, everything that we see in the physical has a spiritual aspect to it.  For every woman, man or child that has experienced