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Is God in my struggles?

Is God in my struggles? by Toyosi Adegunle “Knock knock? Errr, are you still here cos’ I’m going through it and it really feels lonely and tough here. Has God forgotten me and my existence? Did I do anything wrong to deserve what I’m going through? Did I not pray well enough? Am I not serving well? Is it something I said or did?” These questions that we ask when we go through difficult times. These thoughts are never-ending and the most interesting part is that they are valid questions. God is a loving father and a great listener. It’s not a dictator-to-subject affair, he doesn’t love you any less if for a moment you doubt a lot of things because you're struggling.    Remember Job? The good man in the bible? By human understanding, He didn’t deserve any of what we went through. Nobody actually ‘deserves’ to suffer at all. Job was said to be righteous, did things at the right time, had the right heart, was true, honest, blameless and full of honour. So, why Job? All he had fell an

Things I miss about Living in Nigeria (2022)

Things I miss about Living in Nigeria In this video, I share the things I miss about Living in Nigeria. I know that I am very privileged and Nigeria is not all chocolate and cookies given the economic and political atmosphere. If you’re a Nigerian living abroad, what are the things you miss back home?? Tell me in the comment section. I’ll love to hear from you If you are a Nigerian living in Nigeria, tell me about the things you can't wait to miss! Let's be friends on social media; Twitter:​ Instagram:​ Website:​ Check out my other videos: African grocery shopping in Toronto, Canada How I Got a Job Offer in Canada Before I Landed A Sunday in my life +Come to church with me (Vlog) + GRWM +OOTD Toronto Canada Apartment hunting (w/ Rent Prices, Apartment Tours, and Tips in 20

10 relationship green flags; How to choose "The one"

10 relationship green flags; How to choose "The one" In this video, I talk about 10 HUGE green flags you should look out for in men and women. We always hear about red flags, let's talk about relationship green flags today. It's my prayer that you end up in amazing relationships that glorify God and bring you fulfillment. Please comment below the things that you consider a green flag. Let's be friends on social media; Twitter:​  Instagram:​  Website:​ Watch my other videos: My birthday party 🥳 Missionary Dating Imposter syndrome How to prepare for marriage Land your dream job in Canada

Top 10 apps to improve your faith

 Top 10 apps to improve your faith Smartphones and the internet are some of the best things to happen in the world. They have their disadvantages when you become distracted by them and can’t seem to focus on the things that matter. The internet brings people together and helps you learn/gather information about things of interest to you. Your smartphone and internet can also help you increase your knowledge about God, connect with people, help you nourish your soul and spirit with the right information and activities. The world has become fast-paced and if you depend on your schedule or daily itinerary, you may struggle with learning the things of God, connecting with people, and generally growing spiritually. One of the ways to address your struggle is by exploring digital tools with features that can help you once you’re determined to go through the process of consistent learning and staying committed.  From devotionals, media content, and prayer, we have curated a list of 10 great

How to make and keep godly friends

Practical ways to make and keep godly friends  Today, I'm talking about how to make and keep godly friends. God is a relational being and he designed us to be that way. He wants us to have godly friends and be friends with godly people. I share tried and tested tips on how you can identify a #Godlyfriendship and how you can improve the ones you currently have. If you've ever wondered, "how do I make godly Christian friends?" or simply wanted to find ways to be more intentional in your friendships, I hope these tips help you. #BiblicalFriendship is a blessing. You'll learn: 1.) Why you need Godly Friends 2.) How to Make Godly Friends 3.) How to Be a Godly Friend Friendships are so important and are a great gift from God. I hope this video not only encourages you to seek godly friendships to help speak into your life and influence your decisions but also inspires you to be an amazing Christian friend to others. Proverbs 18:24 (NIV) One who has unreliable friends soo