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How to plan for the New Year

How to plan for the New Year by Bibi Babatunde-Ikotun Hi wonderful people, this is the last post for the year 2020 and I am super excited that you are reading my blog alive and well. God has been merciful to me, my family, my friends and of course you an avid reader of this blog. 2021 is going to be great for you. Wanna know why? Because you’re in Christ and your standpoint is Christ! Therefore, 2021 has no choice but to be great for you.  So let's delve into the gist of today, how do you normally plan for the new year? Do you have goals and dreams in your heart? Is there stuff you'd like to achieve in 2021?  A while back I always went through the motion and never really had a vision for the new year. Don’t be like old Bibi when you can be more awesome! Visions are great but visions with goals are amazing! My friends and I did a vision board planning party in November and it was amazing. You don’t have to create a vision board. You can create a list that has sub-bullets or a mi

Why and How to put Jes

Why and How to put Christ in Christmas by Bibi Babatunde-Ikotun Merry Christmas! I know people tend to stay away from saying Merry Christmas and often go towards Happy Holiday's but I say Merry Christmas because it remains about Christ. In this season, families across the world celebrate together. It's the season to be jolly and there are presents exchanged, meals shared around the table, and all that warm and fuzzy stuff. But the truth remains, Christ who is the reason for the season is often missing from this celebration. How can it be the celebration of Christ's birthday and He isn't welcomed in many homes? It's absurd!  I know historically, Christmas wasn't originally created surrounding the birth of Jesus. It was a pagan holiday that the church adopted and made it all about Christ. Learn about the history of Christmas here . I know of many believers that refuse to celebrate Christmas because they still view it in that light and everyone is entitled to their

3 ways to deal with the end of year stress (believers edition)

3 ways to deal with the end of year stress (believers edition) by Toyosi Adegunle Hey, fam! Another heart-to-heart o’clock. I’ve been extremely sad in the last one month. For more than two weeks, I couldn’t exactly figure out why I felt so sad and that is worse in itself than being extremely sad. In the last one month, I’ve done a lot of overthinking - I thought about the many 2020 plans I had for my life, and career especially, and how 95% of it seemed not to be seeing the light of the universe, I also had fears of some of my current plans not working out, I thought about the many toxic work relationships I've been in this year.  Simply put, I thought deeply about all the unpleasant situations and experiences I've had and been in this year, what for? Reflection? Boredom? Fear? Whatever reason you can label to this phase, you are probably right. Self-imposed end of year pressure is real. It’s a different case when it’s your family, friends, or social environment putting pressur

3 qualities of the joy of the Holy Ghost

3 qualities of the joy of the Holy Ghost by Bibi Babatunde-Ikotun Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog. I trust you're all doing really well. Today's topic was inspired by the teaching of a good friend, I learned a lot and decided to share with everyone today. It will be a short sweet read and I hope that it edifies you no matter the situation you are going through. God is mindful of you.  So joy. Joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, it was poured into our Spirit at the point of salvation . We may not feel joyful all the time but the joy of the Lord remains our strength.  Galatians 5:22-23 (NIV) But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things, there is no law. The Greek word for joy in the above verse translates to gladness and delight.  This is straight forward and very relatable to unbelievers. A "feeling" of gladness and delight based on the situation. However, our joy a

Hard work versus working from rest

Hard work versus working from rest  by Toyosi Adegunle Hey there! It’s heart-to-heart o’clock! Back story, growing up, I used to think that plenty of work, lots of activities and engagement means productivity, success, and many achievements too. I liked the sound and thought of it. I wanted to be that person that could come through for anybody at any time and this mostly happens at the expense of my emotional, mental and spiritual stability. I wanted to put in a lot of work, more like investing so much work in a space to the extent that I believed more in the work and my effort than I trusted in God.  “The horse is prepared for the day of battle, But deliverance is of the LORD.”-   Proverbs 21:31 NKJV This is my word, and maybe yours too. I do a lot and I end up subconsciously believing that my work and efforts will pay off. This is not to negate the place of hard work, focus and consistency, but I’m here to tell you that, while you work so hard, ensure three things: Rest in the