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Pamper yourself with a spa day in (tub soaking and massaging)

My idea of an inexpensive spa day in goes on to tub soaking and massaging. Whoop Whoop. Anyways to check out the first stage of a spa day in click here . This is my least favourite phase because it requires staying in one place but I still enjoy it. For this phase, there are a couple of things you should have;   A bathtub   Bath bubbles, bath salts, bath rocks, bath foams etc   Backscratcher or long sponge   Two round cucumber slices or a cotton pad soaked in iced water  Throw pillow/ folded bath towel  Soothing music   Refreshments( wine, apple sliced into wedges or strawberries)  Foot mat.  First off, rinse out the bathtub to remove dirt and dust. You may rinse off your body in the process. Remember the aim of a spa day is to relax. You don’t want to see dirt floating around in the tub while soaking. Go on to close the drain to keep the water from running out. Open the tap and regulate the water temperature to your taste. Add your bubble baths, rocks, foams an