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The Nigerian versus the keto diet

Cauliflower rice and peppered gizzard I started the keto /kee-toh/ diet about a year ago in early April, thinking about how I had a few months to get my summer body ready. I dived into it without doing adequate research so it was a struggle at first (Duh Bibi!). For those who don’t know what the keto diet is, in my simple terms (Don't quote me) – it is a diet that involves reducing your carbs intake to 20 grams (varies for different people) or less per day. Since carbs are the major source of energy for our body, removing carbs from your diet leads you to a state of ketosis / kɪˈtəʊsɪs/ . This is when your body starts to use stored up fat as fuel for the body since carbs are unavailable, which leads to fat loss. The ratio of your daily food intake will be 65% fat:30% protein:5% carbs. Lamb and cheesy eggs for breakfast On the keto diet, I basically couldn't eat rice, beans (shocking right! beans has more carbs than protein), pasta, noodles, yam, sweet

Knowing your Purpose

At a stage in life, we often feel like we should have everything figured out. Many times, this feeling comes when you reach major milestones like 21 or 25 or 30 and the likes. It is easy to get frustrated when you don't know your purpose but I want to encourage you that you were created for a reason, you are not an accident! God crafted our purpose before we existed, and it was there before we gave our lives to God, so being confused is not an option. Whenever you feel lost or unclear pick up your life manual (the bible), it will help you understand that God did not create you for nothing. I will leave some bible verses below to help guide you. A pastor once said "finding your purpose may not come in a revelation or vision where a voice tells you what your purpose is. Sometimes, your purpose comes to you as a random impression on your mind." It may be "How about you open a dry cleaning business" whereas you have never thought about drycleaning befor

How to write a job application email that will land you an interview

This is the last post for the Professional Packaging: Resume Series. I am so thankful for everyone that reached out to me and said a kind and encouraging word. You guys are the absolute best. Look forward to my upcoming posts  "my top 5 restaurants in Abuja" and "Undertones: the key to looking flawless". Don't forget to subscribe below and share with your friends on social media. So after you have perfected the best version of your resume, you have to seal the deal by making the best first impression via the application email you send. Job applications can be via an online portal, submitting a paper copy or applying via email So this post will help you master the act of sending an application via emails. Email Subject The greatest blunder you can make while writing an email is not including a subject for the email. The greatest blunder for job applications via email is using a vague email such as " yourname Resume”  e.g Abidemi’s resum

How to match your curriculum Vitae/resume to the Job descriptions advertised

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. I hope this week has been very productive and fruitful so far. Thank God it is Thursday. I hope my last post on customising your resume to be result oriented has inspired you to do some work on your resume. Remember, if you need a second set of eyes to look at your resume, follow this link to drop your information and I will be sure to reach out to you as soon as I can. Don’t worry, your new job/career is closer than you think. Let’s get right to the second tip for packaging your resume. – Match words on your resume to keywords used in the job requirements/descriptions that you are looking to apply to. Imagine this scenario, a lady wants a tall man, beard gang, God-fearing, oil and gas tycoon, and a Pastor as her life partner. Those are her specifications. If she is to choose someone out of a group of men, she is most likely to go for all the specifications she has stated.  Like in this scenario, the girl is the recruiter. The r

How to write a result-oriented curriculum Vitae/ Resume for Nigerians

Nigerians are experts in packaging. We care about the way we look, speak and carry ourselves. Unfortunately, this has not transferred to the professional space. I have come across various resumes on different platforms and I am appalled that basic resume skills are lacking amongst fresh and seasoned graduates. I think career centres that coach students need to be developed in Universities across the country. Furthermore, career coaching should be part of NYSC Community Development Service (CDS). Anyways, that is a discussion for another day. This post is the first of a 3-part series on professional packaging: Resumes. Subsequently, I will write on LinkedIn etiquette, how to stand out in an interview and general post-offer letter advice. Writing a resume can be a daunting task. It is very easy to copy from a random sample online but that's never a great idea. You should be able to connect with every bullet on your resume.  This post is intended to help you minimize the

Why we may need a young adult church

Why we may need a young adult church Children from Christian homes are taught by their parents to pray and read the bible. They take them to the church which becomes a major part of the children's lives. It improves their social skills by exposing them to their first set of friends and helps them to grow in the love of Christ. The older they get, they naturally have questions, thoughts, and doubts about so many things but they often learn quickly that those questions can not be addressed in the church. Things like secular music, sex, alcohol, and so on are an unspoken taboo in the church setting. Even when they are discussed these issues are condemned without offering a deeper explanation as to why it's sinful. Because these topics of discussion are at the centre of their reality (all their friends are talking about it), they end up finding the answers from ungodly sources found on the internet or unbelievers. Sadly, this has been the experience of youths and young adults