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Feminism is for everybody!

I have interacted with many women who don’t identify as feminist. Then I go on with the conversation and realize they are actually feminists. I don’t blame their choice not to identify with feminism because the word often depicts bitter, man-hating, and lonely unbelievers. I had to add unbelievers because many Christian women think feminism is not their concern and christian men think its a sin because God said the man is the head of the home, the keyword being home not the world . You can be the president and still submit to your husband, feminism is not saying you should not. In fact, submission comes from a place of inner strength and power. A person that isn’t strong can’t submit, simple! First, let’s see some definitions of feminism: The advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities The doctrine ad

How to love your natural hair

Since the natural hair movement started, many people go into it without research. At the end of the day, they go back to relaxers because they think: My hair is too tough to maintain It's ugly I don’t have time My clap backs to these excuses are:  a little research will teach you how to maintain your hair natural hair is beautiful, you have to expand your definition of beauty to be broader than the established European standards of beauty There are so many lazy naturalistas, there is a club for us. The natural hair that grows out of our head is not meant to be a political statement but the unfortunate truth is, it is. It is a big f$%k you to the system that constantly says anything associated with being black will never be good enough. Although there is nothing wrong with rocking bundles, wigs, and extensions, we all love to change and switch things up. The problem lies when natural hair is shamed and deemed as “ugly”, “unprofessional” and “not-classy”

Women are their worst enemies

 Anytime I hear anybody say this statement "Women are their worst enemies" it makes me cringe. The sad thing is we are getting to that stage when you repeat something over and over it starts to sound like its true. In actuality, I have heard many people say it on social media and its beginning to sound like the truth. I will try to demystify this so we can let other people know that it is a BIG LIE! Women make a very large chunk of the human population on earth. There are so many of us with different belief systems, orientation, background etc. Isn't it ridiculous to say "Women are their worst enemies" because we disagree with each other's opinions and views on a myriad of issues? Did you expect us to have the same views simply because we are all women? I am not saying there are no negative and toxic women in this world, in truth, there are toxic men, trans and non-binary people. Toxicity is apparent in all identifications in this world. So why i

The undertone guide for black women

The undertone guide for black women  I am super excited to be writing about something beauty related, it has been a while. Anyways, I will be discussing the power of knowing your undertones. This is a very underrated topic and I will tell you why it is important. Keep reading if you want to learn something new about looking effortless with the help of your natural God-given skin undertones. Knowing your undertone matters because it helps you make better decisions when it comes to your style and accessory choices. Skin undertones are simply the colour underneath the surface. You and someone can have the same skin colour but different undertones. This is because there are three types of skin undertones Warm, Cool and Neutral (a mix of warm and cool undertones). Let's reflect for a minute. You know that annoying moment when someone wears your dress and it looks ways better on them. It's not because they are prettier than you (Nobody is prettier than you!), a perfect explan