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Scriptures to help you meditate on God’s unconditional love

Scriptures to help you meditate on God’s unconditional love Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Thank you so much for clicking on my link, I pray that all your heart desires are met in Jesus name. We celebrated Easter last weekend and it was a great time to meditate on the perfect love of God. The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus birthed the ministry of reconciliation and all who believe in Jesus have been called into this ministry (Read 2 Corinthians 5:12-21 ). We have to tell everyone (regardless of their age, race, gender, sexual orientation or religion):   God is not angry with them Their past, present and future sins are forgiven Jesus loves them genuinely just the way they are This message is for everyone including Christians. There are different levels to knowing God loves you. Some examples include “I know God loves me because I have never lacked anything good”, “I know God loves me because he answers my prayers”, “I know God is mindful of me

Is being single a failure?

Is being single a failure? This chat was circulated in one of my favourite group chat focused on raising kingdom women that are passionate about God. A lot of us cheered at the response not because it is what we can say but because we low-key enjoyed seeing that reply. Someone referred to it as schadenfreude, which means “pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune.”  Thankfully one of us pointed it out that although the response is satisfyingly savage, it is not our default place of response as people in Christ and our speech is to be seasoned with salt and give grace to the hearers. It got me thinking about why such a statement brings about pain to single women or perhaps why is such a statement intended to bring pain? That statement amongst other things married women in the Nigerian society do to “pepper” single girls really points to one thing, "being single is a bad thing". I know in our society; we often celebrate marriage as an ach

Modesty, your heart and scriptures

Modesty, your heart and scriptures Hello, thanks for clicking on my link, may God continue to bless you. My name is Bibi and I'm a Nigerian blogger based in Toronto, Canada. My blog is faith and lifestyle based, check out my last post:  Christians and Ableism (Superiority to disabled people) .  I'm excited you are here! I did this post as requested by my dad last year, he asked me to do a write up for our family (my young and vibrant sisters especially) to encourage everyone to dress modestly. I hope you learn something from this. Remain Blessed, Amen. When someone says modest dressing what comes to our mind is "unattractive, grandma looking manner of dressing". You are probably thinking Bibi is about to tell me to stop being attractive and good looking, lol. Before we continually lay hold of that idea, let's first check out what it means to be modest. The word “modest” means “ unpretentious .” Synonyms for unpretentious are honest, natural,

Christians and Ableism (Superiority to disabled people)

Christians and Ableism (Superiority to disabled people) Happy New Month everyone, thanks for clicking on this link. I pray that God meets you at every point of your need. Last month was women's history month and all my posts were solely focused on content that relates to women's issues and rights. Check out my post with the highest’s views: Men are Scum: The godly man guide to not being a Scum . I really enjoyed the feedback from everyone, thank you so very much. We will continue to work towards fairness for all people. This week I will be touching on something that is very popular in Nigerian churches, it may also be prevalent in other churches and religion but my sole focus is Nigerian churches because that's where my experience lies.   Ableism Also known as ablism, disablism, anapirophobia, anapirism, and disability discrimination.  This is discrimination and social prejudice against people with disabilities or who are perceived to have disabilit