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Prayers for 2019

Welcome back to my blog, thanks for clicking on this link. God bless you and may all your heart desires be met speedily in Jesus name. Since this is the last blog entry for this year (We made it!!!), I decided we end it on a prayerful note. I believe in the power of prayers. I remember as a kid, each time I complained to my dad about something, he always said go on your knees and pray to God about it. That usually annoyed me but here I am now, an adult, choosing to pray for every and anything. Glory to God! I have grown to understand that the Holy Spirit is interested in everything about me. Even the mundane and insignificant things, He cares deeply. Which is why I go to him for everything, prayer can never be overrated! So there are a total of 12 prayers. Feel free to add to them, feel free to say amen, feel free to pray it during your devotion. We have to construct our 2019 in prayers and this is me jumpstarting that process with you. Let us pray: 1. Abba father

A Christian must be vision driven

A Christian must be vision driven Thank you so much for clicking this link, may God continually bless you and enlarge your coast. If you have not subscribed already, what are you waiting for? Please click the subscribe button above. You can also catch up on last weeks blog entry, thank him till the end . It’s barely two weeks to the end of the year and everyone has goals for the coming year. It may be written goals with detailed steps on how to accomplish it, others have plans in their head with little idea on how to achieve these goals, while some people just have goals, no plans to achieve the goals. However, I want us to reflect on the purpose of planning and setting goals      without a life vision. If you don’t have an idea of your destination, how would you know if you are doing the right things to get there? Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying we should have life all figured out. I know life is a journey and I am yet to figure it out myself. However,

Thank God at all times

Thank God at all times  Hello, thank you so much for clicking on this link, may our good God answer all your prayers in Jesus name. Amen. So last week, we talked about practicial ways to abstain from pre-marital sex . Check it out if you have not done so already, feel free to share it with your friends, siblings, parents or anyone who cares to read. Thank you so much for sharing. So this week I had a bunch of content to publish but none felt right until the lord dropped in my spirit to write about thanksgiving. Some of us feel like 2018 just went by fast and there is nothing tangible to be super thankful for, but I have been told to tell you to give thanks. Give thanks to God for every single thing that concerns you. No matter how insignificant it may seem. Our lives may not be as great as we hoped for this year and we are surrounded by testimonies from our peers. Some got promoted, some moved abroad, some got married, some had children, some bought a home while nothing ex

Practical ways to abstain from pre-marital sex

Practical ways to abstain from pre-marital sex Hello, welcome back to my blog. If you have not subscribed yet, what are you waiting for? Please click the subscribe button on the top so you can get all my content directly to your email. Thank you so much for clicking the link, God bless you. Amen. So a lot of people loved my last blog entry about  sex , I am so glad about the positive response I have been getting. As believers, we don’t have to conform to earthly standards because that is what is popular and in style. However, we often find ourselves rationalizing and thinking of wrong things as good because that’s all we are surrounded by and everyone says it is okay. But remember:  Proverbs 14:12  there is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death. Hopefully, you learnt something new or refreshed your memory about sex in my  last post , this post will talk about avoiding pre-marital sex in a very practical way. I would not tell