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tribal marks or nah!

Photo credit: TribalPunkApparel So the other day, I had this conversation with a driver at work; D: madam, what state you come from? B: Kwara state, why do you ask? D: Nothing o, You lucky sha B: Any problem? D: you no get mark for face B: What?? *laughing so hard* D: girls from that side they get mark for face... This conversation got me thinking, what if I actually had tribal marks? would I feel differently about myself? would I love and embrace it? or would I totally look for a way to get rid of it? The truth is, I have no idea how having tribal marks would make me feel. There are different myths on how tribal  marks came to be, but the two main reasons were "beautification" and "identification". On the issue of beauty, I am like nah! Beautification indeed. maybe in the days of my parents, the girl with tribal marks got the man first or simply because beauty as a word is very relative. One man's food is another man's poison.   Fo