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Pamper yourself with a spa day in (tub soaking and massaging)

My idea of an inexpensive spa day in goes on to tub soaking and massaging. Whoop Whoop. Anyways to check out the first stage of a spa day in click here. This is my least favourite phase because it requires staying in one place but I still enjoy it.

For this phase, there are a couple of things you should have;

  1.   A bathtub 
  2.  Bath bubbles, bath salts, bath rocks, bath foams etc 
  3.  Backscratcher or long sponge 
  4.  Two round cucumber slices or a cotton pad soaked in iced water
  5.  Throw pillow/ folded bath towel
  6.  Soothing music 
  7.  Refreshments( wine, apple sliced into wedges or strawberries)
  8.  Foot mat. 

First off, rinse out the bathtub to remove dirt and dust. You may rinse off your body in the process. Remember the aim of a spa day is to relax. You don’t want to see dirt floating around in the tub while soaking.

Go on to close the drain to keep the water from running out. Open the tap and regulate the water temperature to your taste. Add your bubble baths, rocks, foams and oil as the water is running. It’s better to pour the bath products directly under the water nozzle so it gently mixes the product with the water. After making the bath, test the water with your elbow to see if the mixture is perfect for you.

Ensure you have your towel, your refreshments and the remote to your music player on a surface very close to you. Pack or pin your hair up, get into the tub slowly, lay down and support your head with a throw pillow or a folded towel. Set your music player to your favourite tunes, I go for songs like Sunday morning by Maroon 5, let it be by the beetles, who you love by Katy Perry ft John Mayer, Paradise by Coldplay and one thing by one direction. To complete the spa feeling, put two slices of cucumber or two ice cold cotton pads on your eyes to reduce puffiness.

I can’t give myself a complete massage especially a back massage so I basically use my back scratcher across my back a couple of times especially my spine area, it kind of does the trick. For a more sensational massage, I use a sponge I got from the supermarket close to my house. I don’t remember the name, but it works wonders when I drag it across my back, my calves and my neck. It’s a very good massaging tool.

I lay in the tub for 20 mins to an hour. I listen to music and scream along with the artists, I eat some grapes and tangerine; I just lay there for as long as I want. It gives that feeling of relaxation like time stopped and it’s a blissful feeling. Stay away from your phone and other electrical devices like a hair dryer and the likes.

When I get satisfied from soaking, I use a small towel to wash all over my body and get out on my foot mat to dry up with my towel. Afterwards, I moisturize my body with my St. Ives intensive healing body lotion that has cranberry seed and grape oilseed. I always like to go into a warm room so I always turn off the ac prior to soaking. I always feel clean, fresh and very soft.

Please it important you have a floor mat close to the bathtub, so you won’t slip while you are getting out. Slipping is very dangerous it can result in serious injury or even death.

 ‘Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath and a glass of wine’- Thomas Aquinas.

With Love,


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