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What to do when waiting on God

What to do when waiting on God

by Toyosi Adegunle

Hi you, welcome back to, your plug for all things faith and lifestyle. I'm hopeful today's post will encourage you as you wait on God. In summary, keep declaring, don't complain.

Quick story: At a particular period, I started studying the Bible from Genesis because I just wanted to understand it perfectly and I thought to build the foundation by starting over again. I got to the part where Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt and the journey to the promised land and I couldn't help but actually pity Moses. I was angry on his behalf too, because half the time, all the Israelites did was complain, nag and pester Moses. I felt that was too much on a single man who has literally given everything up just to focus on helping them to the promised land. Although Moses was basically fulfilling purpose, the Israelites were just a hard nut to crack then. 

Just imagine how I feel reading this story - most times, I speak out and say "these guys sef, Ahn Ahn". They were blind to the blessing that Moses is to them and we're just concerned about getting to their destination regardless of what it took them or how long. At some point, they wanted to replace Moses because they could not trust him enough to lead them to the promised land, and Moses was sad too, often, but God and the relationship they share was his consolation and comfort every time. God was the push he needed to keep moving and doing what he had to do. Just imagine if the Israelites exercised more patience, trust, and faith, things would be better, right?

Now here's some food for thought:

God has also brought you out of Egypt and he is taking you on a journey, but what do you do on this journey? 
Do you complain when you are not seeing green lights? Do you nag when your situation does not match his plan for your life?
Do you thank him only when there's manna?
Do you replace God with seemingly faster options or routes?
Do you doubt what he has said about you?
Do you?

Complaining and rebelling against God's plans for your life on nearly everything has never yielded progress. God has an eternal plan for you that your human mind cannot comprehend and He just wants you to relax, follow in faith and obedience, and watch things play out. 

Sometimes you may think He is silent in specific situations, do not mistake your thought about His silence for a yes. There is a waiting season for a reason, a lot can be done in that place. Also, do not begin to entertain negative thoughts about God's nature because you're in a waiting phase. Even when things are not going the way you want it too, perhaps the mountains are not moving based on your timeline, God is still good.

One of my current favourite songs is You Are Good by Tye Tribett and the song teaches that you declare the goodness of God even when things aren't good for you. I know that's not the easiest thing to do in life and it is also not the hardest thing to do. Remember when God came through for you? What makes you think he has stopped coming through or would never ever come through for you again? And we've learnt that God's goodness is not defined by our life circumstances but the fact that He sent His only son to die for all sinners. There's is no one that is good asides from God, He is the standard for good. And we are only made good because we believe in Jesus.

Mark 10:18 (AMPC) And Jesus said to him, Why do you call Me [[a]essentially and perfectly [b]morally] good? There is no one [[c]essentially and perfectly [d]morally] good—except God alone.

Fortunately, love and mercy are consistently the very nature of God. He is sweet to the core, too sweet in fact. Even when you think things are worst, God is there and he is working it out. He is there with you and he hasn't left you, not even for a second, you know?

Dear believer, don't measure the goodness of God through positive or negative situations. God is good all the time. Nagging and complaint have never made anything better, if it did, you'd probably have your dream job now with your dream house and car and swimming in that millions you wish to have, alas! nagging has never added an inch to your height or a strand to your hair. 

What should you do when things are not going well for you?

Thanksgiving: Pray at all times with thanksgiving, in the Spirit for where you are, and the things that are yet to come. 

Ephesians 6:18 (AMP) With all prayer and petition pray [with specific requests] at all times [on every occasion and in every season] in the Spirit, and with this in view, stay alert with all perseverance and petition [interceding in prayer] for all [a]God’s people.

Maintain a very positive stance always: Many times, you may go through situations that are very unpleasant and it would be hard for you to even stay positive, but pray for divine strength to be positive always. Positivity is not living on motivational quotes but declaring and living the word of God - your truth! Jesus is your reality and because He said "it is finished", you already know the end. You can never be disadvantaged. 

● Surround yourself with friends that would feed you with the truth left, right, center, and not people that aid and abet replacing God or seeking other options. These friends will always turn you back to the Word of God and God's promises. 

God loves you and his thought for you is beautiful, mind-blowing and the most amazing thing you'd ever know, see or watch play out. Jeremiah 29:11


  1. Awesome....gratitude! gratitude!! gratitudd!!!always

  2. Thanks for this Bibi, God strength on you always.

  3. 'Positivity is not living on motivational quotes but declaring and living the word of God'
    Love. this. God bless you Aunty Bibi :)


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