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Prayers for women 2022

Prayers for women (Wives, Mothers, and friends)2022

The month of March dedicates a lot of things to women. For starters, it is women's History Month and March 8 is International Day of the Woman. As a woman, life can be difficult and hard as a result of misogynistic ideals in society, but we prevail in the place of prayers

If you are a woman or a man who has a wife, mother, daughter or female friend that you care about, here are some prayers you can say over them. You can also pray it over yourself. 

10 prayers for women

  • I thank you, Lord, for _____ (woman's name). I thank you that you have blessed me with her. I thank you because I'm so glad that I know her. 
  • I pray for _____ (woman's name), I pray that she stands perfect and complete in all your will for her. I pray that she continues to be led by you in every aspect of her life. I pray that she has clarity on the next phase of her life. I pray that she is led by you to the right relationships, the right career, right friend, right everything in Jesus' name. I pray that she will not miss it. I pray that she sees the truth of what you have made her above the lies of the enemies.
  • I pray for _____ (woman's name), I pray for every organ in her body and I decree that infirmity will not thrive in her. I pray against every form of cancer (ovarian, uterine, cervical, lung, breast etc). I decree that wherever it may be growing in her body, it withers in its root. I pray that her body remains in perfect health.
  • I pray for _____ (woman's name). I pray that she will not fall victim to gender-based violence. I pray that she will not be assaulted by anyone. I pray that you continue to keep and protect her. I pray that she will not fall victim to human trafficking. I pray that there will always be a way of escape from the evils in this world for her.
  • I pray for _____ (woman's name) finances. I pray that you continue to bless the works of her hands. That her business and career flourishes. I pray that you bless her with insights and the power to create wealth for herself and her loved ones. I pray that poverty is not found around her, that she sets out to do succeeds enormously. (if she's a student, pray for success in her education)
  • I pray for _____ (woman's name) mental health. I speak against every form of depression, anxiety, disorder. I decree that she is healed of this disease wherever they try to poke their head. I pray that the joy of the Lord continues to strengthen her. I decree that her mind is whole and unperturbed.
  • I pray for _____ (woman's name). I speak against every form of imposter syndrome, self-loathing and distress. I pray that she sees herself the way Jesus sees her. Valuable, loved, forgiven. I pray that every voice driving her to despise any part of herself is silenced in the name of Jesus. That she is capable of loving herself wholly, the imperfections as well.
  • I pray for _____ (woman's name). I pray that the supernatural grace to do motherhood is released upon her. I pray that she does not compare herself to other mothers but she sees that she is unique the way God made her. She is not lacking in anything and she's the best possible mother that God could have blessed her children with. (If she's not yet a mother, pray it as a future prayer)
  • I pray for _____ (woman's name). I pray that she begins to get a clearer picture of what she is meant to do for the gospel per time. That she receives supernatural instructions on the ministry that she has been blessed with. I pray that she finds joy in serving you and in your kingdom. I pray that she will not grow tired or weary of doing this for the spread of your gospel.
  • I pray for _____ (woman's name). I pray that she enjoys marriage. I pray that she finds delight in her husband and he finds delight in her. I pray that the marriage is blessed and it flourishes. I pray that nothing will put asunder to other relationships. I pray that it continues to thrive and flourish. I pray that the grace to do so much more is released to her and her spouse (If she's not yet married, pray for her future marriage)
Bonus prayer
  • I pray for _____ (woman's name), I pray that you bless her with wonderful friends. The kind of friends that will invest in her, lift her up, encourage her and bring about positive vibes to her life. I pray that when she thinks of her friends, she will have no reason but to smile and give thanks. I also pray that every fake friendship dissolves effortlessly.
This is not an exhaustive list of what you should pray for the women in your life, this is a start. There are so many attacks against women in the world and we must all be intentional about praying to God about it.

With love,


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