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Christian Content Creators to follow

Christian Content Creators to follow 

by Toyosi Adegunle

Hey, fam! Time to switch up your socials a little bit. You know how we write a lot about what you consume and choose to watch, listen to or read, and how much these things impact your overall lifestyle as a believer. 

Over the next few weeks in October, we will be sharing local and foreign Christain content creators you can follow and enjoy wholesome, enjoyable, edifying content from. 

Before we get started, it is imperative to prepare your heart and help you understand the need to follow and engage wholesome and edifying content. Here are links to previous posts that highlight one or two things about what you read, watch and listen to. 

1. How to guard your heart on social media -

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Here are 10 Christian Content Creators to follow and engage: 

  1. Ezinne Zara (@orangewriter)  is a storyteller. She shares her journey and walk with God mostly via her captions and has been doing it for over 4 years on her Instagram page. She leads a community - True Christianity where Christians can grow their relationship with God. There's a lot to learn from Ezinne through her creative writing. If you're not following her, today is a good day to start.
  2. Pastor Jonathan Ojapa (@iamjodeep) originally known for his music prowess, Jo Deep as he is fondly called is also a Pastor at Lifeway Chapel. In addition to actively creating edifying and enjoyable songs, he also shares teachings from his journey, from the scripture his Twitter, Instagram (Feed and Live) and YouTube.
  3. Tonye Levy-Braide (@theblackwriter)'s page reminds me of the scripture - "...Whatever is pure, true, lovely and of good virtue…". Tonye shares a lot about growing your relationship with God and learning to communicate with Abba. She's the Creator of WithLoveJournals - curated journals to draw you closer to God. Yup! Her page is such a beaut! Serving jpegs, sharing Abba and helping you grow your business too.
  4. Temilade Salami (@temiladesalami_)  is an award-winning Environmentalist and Poet. A huge chunk of her page is dedicated to helping you know, love and grow with God. It is such a beautiful sight. She creates edifying wallpapers and designs for believers on her page. I find this exciting. Something as basic as wallpapers can easily influence your day and thoughts.
  5. Pastor Laju Iren (@lajuiren) is a Filmmaker, Pastor are Celebration Church International and Bestselling Author. Laju creates tells extraordinary stories through her short films and shares spirit-filled and edifying wisdom through her books. If you would love to watch movies that edify your spirit and soul, Laju Iren is your plug. Get on it! Watch During Ever After here.
  6. Rubie Targema-Takema (@rubie_tt) is a Tech bro that knows, loves and shares God at every given opportunity on her page. She runs a community called FOCH Woman that answers deep questions on faith, love and life; and a community for tech newbies.
  7. Jimi x Oreva (@talesofforeva) makes us love love. One of my favourite couples in fact because they show what loving the-Jesus-way looks like. The stories, the journey, their experiences, are edifying and you will love them.
  8. Abraham Junaid (@ajaywhisper) is an amazing and fun young man that shares content in an easily digestible format. His Instagram page is filled with so much biblical knowledge simplified for all people. He also uses pop references that make the reading process enjoyable, you'll always leave his page with enough to reflect on.
  9. Mina Bell-Gam (@In Christ With Joy) shares biblical truths that remind the believer of all God has done in Christ for them. Very aesthetically pleasing and coherent, you'll leave this Instagram page fired up and assured of God's intentional love for you.
  10. Bibi Babatunde-Ikotun (Bibilamour04) is the editor-in-Chief of this awesome blog you just finished reading and it's within our rights to do a shameless plug! This is your one-stop shop for all things faith and lifestyle. 

Check out these amazing content creators and share your experience with us while we curate more content creators for you. Edification is a must this season ❤

We love you, stay blessed! 


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