Prayers for 2019

Welcome back to my blog, thanks for clicking on this link. God bless you and may all your heart desires be met speedily in Jesus name.

Since this is the last blog entry for this year (We made it!!!), I decided we end it on a prayerful note. I believe in the power of prayers. I remember as a kid, each time I complained to my dad about something, he always said go on your knees and pray to God about it. That usually annoyed me but here I am now, an adult, choosing to pray for every and anything. Glory to God! I have grown to understand that the Holy Spirit is interested in everything about me. Even the mundane and insignificant things, He cares deeply. Which is why I go to him for everything, prayer can never be overrated!

So there are a total of 12 prayers. Feel free to add to them, feel free to say amen, feel free to pray it during your devotion. We have to construct our 2019 in prayers and this is me jumpstarting that process with you.

Let us pray:

1. Abba father, we thank you for 2018 for the journey so far. Some things may not have gone exactly how we wanted it, however, we understand that all things work together for our good. (Romans 8:28) We are thankful!

2. We decree that 2019 is a glorious year of unlimited possibilities and we step into a realm of greater glory.

3. We lift up Nigeria in your Holy hands God, we decree that your perfect will shall be done in our upcoming general elections.

4. We pray that you shall bless us with God-fearing and people loving leaders in 2019.

5. We affirm that our families and loved one are hidden in Christ, therefore no evil shall see them. (Colossians 3:3)

6. We decree that the continent of Africa will no longer be a dumping site for corruption and ill-functioning systems.

7. We decree that our health will not be attacked in 2019, all forms of diseases/sickness will not come near our dwelling in Jesus name.

8. We come against depression, anxiety/fear, greed, disappointments in 2019.

9. We decree that we will love God like never before in 2019!

10. Generational patterns and proclivities will no longer have dominion over us, covenant with death will not stand in Jesus name in 2019.

11. In 2019, we will love our enemies.

12. There will be pleasant surprises in 2019 and everything genuine we do will prosper in Jesus name.

"Never doubt the power of prayers"- Anonymous

See you next year in joy, happiness and good health.

With love,


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