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Living my life

At this point in my life, I have a billion things on my mind. Am sure a couple of us would be able to relate to me. My NYSC is almost over *whoop* and I just feel like I grew up too fast. Working with adults also makes me think like them, act like them even insult them. It's all surreal. I'm a GROWN WOMAN *in Beyoncé's voice*. I have taken the time to write my bucket list, but that's not what this is about. This is about what I plan on doing to remind me that there's that chubby kid in me; my favorites places to go, people I stalk*Just Kidding *, and just everything that we can do to savor every beautiful moment and time we have before we grow up and have kids and our lives are over.

I love to eat healthy as much as I can and I also consider myself a hedonist. So how do I indulge in my guilty pleasure and not feel guilty afterwards? SWEET KIWI, admiralty way, Lekki phase 1, Lagos. If you live in Lagos, this is certainly a place to visit. I call it my guilt-free haven. They have the yummiest of all sorts of frozen yoghurts, not ice cream o. You grab a cup, big or small, look across all the flavours like kiwi, strawberry, chocolate and you serve yourself putting the perfect twirl into your cup. Go over to the toppings segment where you can add caramel, chocolate chip, gummy bear to your cup for those with a sweet tooth while others can add strawberry wedges, kiwi wedges to their cup. After serving yourself you have to weigh your cup to determine how much your bill is. Trust me, the price is fair. The setting is vibrant, exciting and colourful with a funky setting. Go there with friends, colleagues and family to have a delicious and healthy treat. You would love it.

I love to watch tv, my parents complain a lot. What can I say? I am a sucker for TV shows, reality shows and movies. The series am currently watching is House of cards, I love me some Kevin Spacey dipped in political drama sauce. Other series I watch include Scandal, Orange is the New Black, the Mistresses, Criminal Minds, Castle, and my favourite of them all is of course Game of Thrones. I casually watch big bang theory, two broke girls and Modern Family. The series I hope to start before the year runs out is Downtown Abbey, Mad Men and Breaking bad. I am stale, I know! This might sound vain but I actually like Keeping up with the Kardashians, jerseylicious, big rich Texas/ Atlanta and rich kids of Beverly Hills, shhhhh! It's a secret. My must-see movies for this year, you just have to see them, a million ways to die in the west, Lucy, the latest hangover, endless love and 12 years a slave. There is nothing wrong with watching tv and series, you can actually learn from them. It improves a person's vocabulary too.

I love to go to the beach, but I haven't gone this year, except if I consider Lekki leisure lake a beach but Nah, it isn't. Lekki leisure lake is a place to visit on the weekends, it's a lot of fun and the food there is interesting. From jet skiing for the daring ones to pedal boats and quad rides. It's a very nice place to bond with people. I see lovely kids building castles in the sand confidently, it's indeed a lovely safe and serene environment. Go to the beach, feel the sand underneath your feet, the wind in your hair, against your skin. You would be glad.

Meet people, you don't have to exchange contacts. Enjoy that moment, that conversation with that pulled together stranger without the pressure of ever meeting again. I meet people on the street, in the queue for BRT, at restaurants, ATM queues. I exchange ideas, views and opinions. I give encouragement even compliment because it's fun and spontaneous. You get to make someone's day, impact on the person's life. It sounds small, petty and weird, but you would feel better. Some strangers might prove stubborn to have your contact, give if you want to, if not tell the person it is unnecessary.

Finally, be alert and conscious of your environment. You can never be too careful, with B'haram insurgencies and Ebola virus disease. We have to be on high alert and security conscious. If you learn to live and you don't live well,there might be no future for you. Lets also pray for God's interference over our nation. I believe it would get better, not worse. Nothing is for sure, once there is life, there's hope.

Anyways, I hope you would enjoy my life tips for relaxation and enjoyment. Lets try to be healthy. These are just a few suggestion that might help us enjoy our life while we still can. Ask that girl/boy out on a date, jump on your bed(please not when the ceiling fan is on), laugh like your life depends on it, be happy and bring joy to others and finally love and fall in love often. Please SMILE, bad dentition or not. Let's live a little.

One day you will wake up and there won't be any more time to do the things you have always wanted. Do it now.- Paulo Coelho

With Love,


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