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ShopMissA review : Beauty $1 store

Hey lovelies, you all know how am an online shopping addict. Am sorry, I can't help myself. The good news is am a wise spender. *Shines teeth. I know this because anytime I shop and am about to check out, I screen my cart and remove all the things I really don't need just to stay on a budget. It really helps.
Before I moved to Denver, I did not shop for my move. When I got here I realized I didn't have enough jewelry and stuff. Luckily I ran across and I decided to do some jewelry shopping. It was irresistible cause everything was a dollar. I bought quite a number of jewelry but I would share my best ones with you. Get ready to drool.

I love these rings, it came in a pack together and I decided to wear them together. I mean no need to separate them. They are absolutely gorgeous. I love the earth tone color on two of the rings. It is so beautiful.

I fell in love with this earring set when I saw the pictures on the site. They looked so adorable. I think it's a yellow Elephant, I mean who doesn't love this shade of yellow. Maybe it is mustard I don't know. I could be colorblind some times but I know it's absolutely beautiful.

Mind my innovative rack, LOL. I seriously did not have anywhere to keep the neckpieces. I feel very smart with this hanging idea. Well I got 6 neckpieces but I did not like two of them so I dumped it somewhere. It looked like something you would buy from a mallam at Balogun market. Anyways my favorite piece is the one with the green spike, super pretty.

I got a couple of bracelets, a girl can never have to many stuffs. This is my best; the others are just regular bracelets that would look better if you pack a bunch together rather than using it independently. I like this one, it looks classy and I think it suits my skin.

 I love this earring. It looks so beautiful when I pull my hair up. The stones are very clear and it twinkles in the dark.
They also sell make-up, lots of false lashes, sun glasses, crazy beautiful phone accessories, nail arts, body jewelry, underwear, fancy stationery, scarfs, girly key chains, charms and lockets, hair accessories, and accessories for children. Everything is $1. Awesome!

This looks like something Kim Kardashian West or Beyonce would wear to a fancy event. It makes me feel like a celebrity. It's all about the feeling not the price ladies. Except you are Paris Hilton or Mariah Carey.
These are rings! The camera one is the most attractive to me. Although the picture online looked better than the real thing. It's expected, but its still very pretty. I get complements anything I wear it. It makes me look very edgy and interesting, those are two things I am not. The key ring is too small for all of my fingers; I would probably give it out if it doesn't get missing.

Lots of the jewelry had warnings on them, like not for persons under 14, contains lead amongst others. I wouldn't say it bothers me; most jewelry made from China contains all this stuff. It's pleasant that there are warnings on it.

I placed my order on January 24 and it got delivered 6 days after. Flat rate shipping is $3.95, not bad at all. You can get it sooner if you want expedited shipping, you would just have to pay more.
Business minded people, you can order and re-sell because they ship internationally. These pieces are absolutely gorgeous and affordable.
Their customer care is very prompt and helpful. It's a wonderful online store all in all. Check it out

"Buy what you don't have yet, or what you really want, which can be mixed with what you already own. Buy only because something excites you, not just for the simple act of shopping." - Karl Lagerfield

With love,
Bibi l'amour


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