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Jesus is so in love with you

Jesus is so in love with you

Welcome back to my blog, I'm so glad you came back💓. It has been a wonderful journey since I started Faithspiration by Bibi, thank you so much for your messages and words of encouragement. I appreciate you.

Quick check, did you read your Bible this morning? Tell the truth, I won't judge. I have those mornings where I rush out of bed and say a 30-second prayer and off I go. We have all been there and its okay, there is so much room for a consistent fellowship and communion with God. We just have to ask God and yield to him when he wakes you up to pray and your flesh is so weak.

Well, I want to talk to you about love. Boy meets girl, they fall madly in love and can not stand being apart from each other. There are so many relationships that the boy is much more in love with the girl  (or the reverse) that he will spend his last kobo to be with her and this same energy is not reciprocated by the girl. This sounds like our relationship with Jesus. He gave his life on the cross, he became sin for us, he died to snatch us from eternal damnation, he died so God will not be angry with us, do you want me to continue? You know I can write a billion articles about what Jesus has done continually to show that he loves us but then how long will our pages be for the reciprocated love?

Under this dispensation of grace, God is no longer commanding you to love him. I mean it's just like telling your child "Sit down there until you love me". How effective will that be? Maybe the child will fake the love to get something from you but truly you know the love is not real. In the era of grace, we love God because he first loved us. The greatest show of his affection towards us is giving his only begotten son to die for our sins. I mean we have all seen the passion of Christ and we can only imagine the shame Jesus went through to reconcile us back to God. You know through Jesus, the love is now rock solid. This love is indestructible, unbreakable, unquenchable, reckless, unshakable, overwhelming, and never-ending.

Romans 8:38-39
38 And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[b] neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love. 39 No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.

With this kind of love, it is only ridiculous to reduce Christianity to a list of dos and donts. It is now a love relationship. Remember that boy I talked about earlier that does everything to prove his love for the girl? He will definitely move on to someone else but God will never ever move on. His love is constant. Why are you leaving him to do the loving? He is waiting for you to come into this love relationship. The honest truth is your Christian walk is only revitalised when you plunge deeper into that love relationship with Christ. The more you draw nearer the sweeter the love.

James 4:8a
Draw near to God and He will draw near to you...
I understand that many of us view God as this big man up there with a sledgehammer waiting for you to mess up so he can behead you. I know what we have known is try to do good and stay away from bad, that's all you need to be a good Christian. But I am writing to tell you today that the only way we can effectively obey God is through focusing solely on the love of Jesus and how we can respond to it. It won't be about having a bunch of rules and regulations that you don't understand but about pleasing the one whom you love and who loves you a 1 zillion times more.

We also have to come to a place of understanding that our obedience to God's words is a love language. It not only deepens the love, but it also strengthens it and adds honey to our spiritual journey. In this love relationship, a time will come where the law will be written in your heart where nobody will have to teach it to you (Hebrews 10:16). This time around, you without the pastor's "clamour" will naturally reveal the deeds of God. We all should strive to this place of spontaneous godliness. If you think about it, you will realise that obeying God is solely for our benefit. The only thing God needs from us is our worship! All the other things we obey is for our spiritual journey and to honour God.

John 14:21 (TLB)
The one who obeys me is the one who loves me; and because he loves me, my Father will love him; and I will too, and I will reveal myself to him
To be very clear, you can not improve on your Union with Christ. John Murray calls our union "the central truth of the whole doctrine of salvation". However, what you can improve on is your communion with Christ. Chasing after him, wanting more of him, longing for him, needing him. Think of it this way, you are married to Jesus already all you crave is to know your lover more.

Communing with God is creating a habit of studying his word daily (use bible plans and devotionals, pick a bible book to study per month), meditate on his word (meditating is simply dwelling on the words, repeating it to yourself) then talk to him (pray). The Bible chapters/verses you read and meditate upon will help inform your prayers. It is totally okay to ask the Holy Spirit to help you read the Bible, meditate and pray. All you need to do is yield! 

This combination in a sequential manner helps us to develop a deeper relationship with God. It is not for us to show off our scholarly/bible study abilities. Do not let what is meant to help you fall madly in love with Jesus and help others fall in love with him become a source of pride.

1 Corinthians 8:1b (TLB) 
But although being a “know-it-all” makes us feel important, what is really needed to build the church is love
God is waiting for you to draw close to him, what are you waiting for?

"You can't love from a place you have not loved God first" - Anonymous

With so much love,


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