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Rising Above Fear and the COVID19 disease

Rising Above Fear & Disease

 by - Dr. Ogor Ben-Iweagwu

"The prayer of faith is the prayer based on what Christ has done." - Bishop Wale Ajayi

I will add to the quote above, not based on what Corona has done or what we are scared it will do. 

We are in Christ, first, before we are in a location, or under the plague of COVID 19. It means that Christ is our location, first, before Abuja or New York or Sydney or Toronto.

It means that, because we were purchased with the blood of Jesus, it is actually his blood that literally flows in our veins. Please, take the Bible and the word of God LITERALLY in this season. Don’t try to reason it out, don’t try to make logical sense of it. The word of God is not something that is to be brought to a conversation or some logical conclusion; the word of God is infallible.

We are believers, and we are called to be strong AND courageous, not to cower in fear.

Colossians 1:2 (KJV) “To the saints and faithful brethren in Christ which are at Colosse: Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” 

Fear is a spirit. And any spirit that is not of God, is of the devil. We ALL know that the devil hardly comes to us directly with the thing that he wants to afflict us with. He will often mask fear with consuming large amounts of information, to ‘be in the know’. With all this knowledge about the coronavirus, your heart will increasingly grow fearful and give way. This is what he wants.

What we have is love AND power AND a sound mind.

2 Timothy 1:7 (AMPC) For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (of cowardice, of craven and cringing and fawning fear), but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and of calm and well-balanced mind and discipline and self-control.

To have a sound mind can loosely be interpreted to mean that we have self-control and that even in the midst of the information flying around, we choose to know WHAT God knows, or what God is saying. It is not to know what the world is saying.

Guard your eyes, guard your ears. 

  • Control the content you allow in to take root in your heart. Say what God is saying!
  • What does He say about Disease? We were healed!
  • What does He say about the noisome pestilence? That you are saved from it!
  • What does he say about the plague? That it won’t come near your dwelling!
You cannot allow COVID 19 to dictate the trajectory of your mind. You can’t! It can try to dictate the world but not your mind- you are in this world but not OF it.

In this period, focus on Jesus and what his spirit is telling you. This is actually like a call to slow down for most of us.

Pastor Phil Ransom-Bello says "Education was a response to the fall; man did not need education before the fall, because he was connected to God, he knew what to do, he knew what to say, he knew. He knew what to name the animals - God trusted him enough to let him name the animals!"

We are no longer children of Adam, we have been purchased by the blood of the last Adam, by a blood where disease can not survive. I said it before that we literally have the blood of Jesus running through our veins.

In this period, become aware of your righteousness in Christ! God CANNOT improve on you, as the new creation. You are the best thing that he has ever created, you cannot be improved on. You are righteous!

Disease isn’t righteous, so how can it bowl you over? Your consciousness of who you are is more important than any education that you may be trying to get on COVID 19. Faith is not denying the reality; it is superimposing on the current reality. Your reality is Superior to this unless Jesus did not die.

We do not have a paucity of information. What we have is a paucity of belief. And it cannot be; we cannot be who we are not. Our name is believer. The end. Our work is to believe. Literally. Don’t shift your gaze. Don’t shift your ground. Stay believing!

God is not angry with us. His anger was expended on the cross, so like the law of double jeopardy, he cannot make us pay for what his son has already paid for. This is not a punishment for anything. This is just a response to a fallen world.

God loves us so much that way before COVID 19 he gave us promises that would preserve us. Stay believing!

We should be talking of how we will be after this thing passes. Some people would have ingrained physical distancing so much into their consciousness that they would not easily return to normal human interactions.

Some people will be paranoid for a while after this. People will have PTSD after this. Mental illness will be on the rise after this. More Distrustful of their fellow man. This is what the devil wants. We MUST not let it. This WILL NOT BE US!

Christianity is the only religion that God reaches out to touch man, literally. Fix your eyes on Jesus. Stay IN JESUS. He is our strong tower, our fortress. Nothing else will save. Your main action point should be to believe and recalibrate your original focus. Please use this opportunity to minister life to those who don’t have the solid, unshakeable hope that we have.

Some people are in abject fright. As believers, we are to bring this message of hope to unbelievers! If we are scared and behaving as if we don’t know who we are, how can we convince people to come into this kingdom? Adjust your focus.

I hope that this stirs you to focus on the right things.

Thank you❤.


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