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What are some Christian characters to live by?

What are some Christian characters to live by?

by Toyosi Adegunle

"People no longer read the Bible, they now read you, a believer."

If I had a dollar for every time I've heard this, trust me, I'll be swimming in millions right now, but I don't even know how to swim in real life, speak less of swimming in money, but I'll get there. Amen? 👀

Somehow, I had a problem with that statement because it lowkey felt like putting pressure on a child of God that is actually on a journey to getting a hang of a lot of things about their spirituality or person in Christ. I was always quick to tell people never to say that again, and just simply read their Bible, follow and know God for themselves and stop reading someone that is not even there yet. 

Maybe I still feel this way, but with a twist and more insight to it. 

I've been on an unintentional Twitter break because it's not easy to switch on and switch off your VPN every minute. Can we agree it's tiring? 😪 (For the international readers, the Nigerian government banned the use of Twitter in the country). On one of these days that I managed to stick out my neck on Twitter and see what's going on, I stumbled on a tweet that says (paraphrasing) "why do people apologize when they use curse words while speaking with a believer?" I checked the comment section and saw a lot of mixed replies - people that agreed it's a sign that they respect you and your stance as a believer with vulgar words and attitude and some said it was a sign of hypocrisy.  

My 2 cents on this will lead to the 5 cents I plan to share today. I think it's okay for people to apologize in that situation. Maybe it's hypocrisy to not say it only when they are with believers, but can we agree that not everyone you meet is a believer or spiritual person and doing certain things is in their DNA and they won't just stop doing them just by meeting and knowing you (maybe in a different situation) and they just simply apologize because they know your stance on a certain thing, and respect your religion and persona as a child of God?

Generally, it's okay if people recognize you for who you are and respect you accordingly. This involves not having some type of conversation with you, not using certain words for you, not inviting you to certain places and any other thing that will not align with your identity as a child of God. 

I believe that everything we learn from and of God should reflect in our lifestyle. We learn to love people through the Love of God, imagine not extending that love physically to people, imagine not extending grace to people, imagine not being honest with finances in your office, imagine not staying true to your partner, imagine not being patient in situations where it is required (ps: patience is always required 👀) 


Chapter 5 of the book of Galatians is one of the parts of the scripture that stresses the importance of patterning your lifestyle through good works and verse 22 happens to carry very important characteristics and what I call pointers to do good works and living a life patterned after Christ:

1. Love

2. Joy

3. Peace

4. Long-suffering

5. Kindness

6. Goodness

7. Faithfulness

8. Gentleness

9. Self-control

You probably know all of these already but my mission today is to bring them before you and let you know that if there wasn’t a need for them and if they weren't crucial to your growth as a believer, the fruit of the spirit would not be there in the first place. Let’s be practical:

1. The love of God has been shed abroad in your heart which simply means you have a lot of love to show yourself and the people around you. As you live off the love of God, extend such in good measure to yourself, friends, parents, colleagues and every other aspect of your life

2. The Joy of the Lord is your strength. I used to wonder what the difference between happiness and joy was until I found myself genuinely smiling, feeling gracious and elated on the inside and outside even when my world was crumbling. Then, I got my answer. I am not joyful because everything is good. I am because I know the good and gracious God, he lives on the inside of me, and he makes sure everything works out for good for me. Be joyous! (even when you’re fasting Brethren 😂) 

3. I genuinely covet the peace that Jesus had on that boat during the storm. I don’t even blame the disciples for being so disturbed and afraid. If it was me on the Mediterranean sea, bruhh! I’ll tear down the boat with my screams, but the good part is I have that peace, you have that peace, you are capable of being extraordinarily relaxed and peaceful in spite of the storms that rage. 

4. Long-suffering is high key endurance as a cake, patience as the icing with the love as rainbow sprinkles. You can tell the difference between long-suffering in a situation or with a person and endurance with lots of complaints and anger.

5. Jesus was and is kind. He did (and still does) a lot of things that reflect what a kind person he was. He probably didn’t have to feed the four and five thousand multitude, but he did because he is kind. Everyone can use a little kindness in this world, and if you ever find yourself in a situation where someone needs your kindness, please don’t hold back. Be kind with your words and thoughts towards people. 

6. Did you also ask while growing up what the difference between goodness and kindness is? I asked a lot of times - Good habits, good life patterns and routines, good speech and attitude, good approach towards people and things, with good virtues. That’s goodness and you’re absolutely capable of being a good person.

7. God is so faithful! I wonder sometimes why he never leaves or forsakes humans with their many dramas, first because he really loves us, and secondly and probably the main reason, he is faithful and true to his words from beginning to the end. Is your yes an actual yes? Are you consistent with your promises to God and man? Can you stick it out to the end when you say you will?

8. Gentleness is to be meek, mild and soft, not without the skill and necessity to be assertive when need be, but the keyword here is meek and mild. 

9. Self-control is the last born of this household and probably the reason a lot of people don’t and can’t express other children of this household such as long-suffering, love, gentleness and others. You are led by the spirit of God, you are not controlled by your emotions and feelings, you do what God would have you do, you do what the word of God says and you allow yourself to be led by the power and spirit of God. You won’t get carried away and use curse words in conversations online and offline, you won’t go back to sexual sins because you feel heavy sexual desires, you won’t be verbally or physically abusive anymore. 

These nine Christian characters are for the living, not just for knowing. And you have the Holy Spirit doing the work in you, yield! 


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