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Planner Tips

My Daily Planner 

by Bibi Babatunde-Ikotun

Hello, if you're reading this that means you bought my planner *Inserts happy dance*. I'm so grateful.

Here are some of the tips to ensure you're maximizing your new daily planner.

Scroll down for a video demo.

Tip One

It's nice to personalize your planner. Feel free to add your name and the date you purchased it. Years down the line, you'd be glad you did!

P.S it's a good birthday gift, new years gift, or mothers day gift.

Tip 2

The schedule piece of the daily planner is a good spot to add your plans for the day.
You can fill this out before bed, this will help you plan your day hence reducing stress.

Some days it'll be full, some days it'll be blank. Both are ok.

Tip 3

Adding the date of your entry is very helpful to keep track of your entries. 

The notes part can be used for your thoughts, ideas, plans or anything that comes to your mind. It's your planner, use it however you, please!

Tip 4

I love this segment, it helps you reflect and think critically. 

How are you feeling? You can be honest with your daily planner. 

A little gratitude helps to put life into perspective for you, use it often.

Track your daily water intake by highlighting or crossing off how many cups of water you've had in a day.

Tip 5

Tracking what you eat is always a good idea as you work towards self-wellness.

Add in your exercise, your 30 mins walk counts!

Tip 6

You can read the affirmations out loud a couple of times. This will encourage you as you go through your day.

I will encourage you to google any person mentioned in the inspirational fact to learn more about their story.

Tip 7

At the back of the planner, I provided 12 pages of goal tracking. 

Write out your goals, put a date to them and don't forget to mark them as done when it's complete!

You've got this!!

Tip 8

After filling it out, here's what your planner of the day may look like.

If you have more tips on how to maximize this planner, leave them below.

Thank you once again for your support.


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