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Who will make a better society?

Who will make a better society?

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. I thank you for even clicking my link, it means the whole world to me. I just want you to know that you matter to God and He is intentional about all the things that happen in your life. You are loved by a father that can never stop loving you. Check out my ost recent post for some encouragement as you go through the seasons of life here.

This is a super short post to encourage some self- introspection about the future. As human beings, we have to continue to learn, unlearn and relearn.

For many of us, the trajectory of life is graduate from school, get a good job, get married and have babies. Some of us made this decision ourselves why others got it shoved down their throats by their  African parents. Have we ever stopped to ask ourselves some questions about raising children? It is not about the cute Instagram pictures or saying oh I’m blessed with children. There is so much more to that.

So here is the jist, if a woman/man who is (mentally) immature or has mentally, physically and spiritually deficient values gives birth to a child, who is going to raise the child? Is it the immature parent, or society?

Trust me, if you are not equipped with wisdom to teach your children or matured enough to raise them, someone else is going to do the job. The someone is the society and you can be rest assured that it will be a terrible job.

If you don’t have written values that you will like to pass down to your children, this is a great time to start thinking of what matters to you. What do you want to pass down from generation to generation? What do you want your legacy to be? It is beyond the vision of generation wealth.

Proverbs 13:22a(NIV) A good person leaves an inheritance for their children's children...

The above scripture does not only apply to monetary inheritance. Inheritance is anything that can be passed from one person to another.

We have all heard of stories where the parents were lackadaisical about the upbringing of their children. They don’t instil discipline (not abuse please) in their children which leads to a lack of self-control in the kids. Some don’t even care about what the children are watching on TV or on the internet. That is basically leaving the child to be trained by what society is pushing in the world. I am not judging; this is me saying our standards ought to be different. God does not have grandchildren; everyone is a son of God. However, it is the responsibility of parents to raise godly seeds that will one day consciously accept the Lord into their lives.

I’ll leave you with these questions today. It applies to the unmarried, married, married with children and even married with grand-children.

What values do you want to give your children? Biological and non-biological (If you choose to have kids)
               Tip: Make a list of everything you want to pass down. Remember, if you stand for nothing you will fall for everything.

What kind of person do you want to marry? (If you choose to)

               Tip: Make a sensible and spirit-led list of all that you want in a life partner. This reminds me of something popular, if you go to the market without a list you’d end up buying the most attractive things not because they are necessary or useful to you; but because they are attractive. When you have a list, it guides on what to buy and what not to buy. It helps you save time as well. Instead of wasting time checking out things that are not on the list, you know your destination and head there. Check out my post on prayers for your future spouse.

Would you let society teach your kids? Society actually is a dog eat dog affair...

               Tip: The family unit is what creates society. If you and I play our parts right, we can actually influence a society that is godly in all ramifications. God has created an order in which the family should function if you try to change the dynamics of things because of maybe "wokeness", you can mess up the lives of the children you bring to the world.

The lifestyle or experiences of a child has a lasting effect on him/her. A boy who wakes up everyday to see his dad beating his mum could grow up with that mindset as a norm. A girl who lived many of her years seeing her mother treated with disdain could easily come to the conclusion that all men are wicked.

This is why the New Testament is very particular about man loving his wife like Christ does  (off point but I had to add it)because children do only what they see and not what you tell them to do. A child can influence the society, A family can influence a community.

Remember, our family is the first lens in which we see the world. It frames our knowledge of all things whether we like it or not. In addition, parenting and being a spouse is not a joke. It's not about #Couplegoals or #Familygoals on social media. Knowing that you're raising the next generation is a  big job that requires preparation. This one is not the one you can freestyle.

Just take some time out to think and reflect. It not too late unless you have gone to be with the Lord.

If the families get it right, society will get it right” – Bibilamour04

With love,


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